Goal 2 - Grossmont College will actively seek, sustain and value a high-quality, diverse staff dedicated to accomplishing the goals of the college.

  • Selected and honored Distinguished Faculty members for the 2003-04 academic year: Mel Amov (History), and Laura Burger (Exercise Science.
  • Presented the 2004 Presidentís Leadership Award to Cathy Harvey, and the 2004 Innovator of the Year Award to Tom Gamboa.
  • Hired 21 full-time replacement classified staff in the following departments: ACE, Academic Senate, Administrative Services, Biology, Bookstore, Child Development Center, Evening Division, Financial Aid, Health Sciences, Health Services, Humanities, LRC, and Operations.
  • Hired 5 full-time, highly qualified replacement faculty in the following disciplines and programs: Biology, Exercise Science, Health Sciences, Math, and Physical Sciences.
  • Held the 5th Annual College Recognition Ceremony to acknowledge the achievements of faculty and staff, including outstanding full- and part-time faculty, tenure, academic rank, retirees, and others celebrating career milestones and receiving special awards.
  • Received 13 national, regional and state awards for publications and promotional materials produced by College and Community Relations, Graphics, Word Processing, and Printing Departments based on the work of 18 staff members.
  • Sponsored the 2nd Annual Health Fair promoting healthy life styles for students, faculty, staff, and the community.
  • Established an on-line and e-mail process to assist faculty with course book adoptions thus making it easier for them to place textbook orders.
  • Provided training for staff and students for tobacco-cessation through counseling and seminars, and initiated a tobacco-cessation treatment and counseling program.