President's Goals


President's Values and Expectations

  1. Value the mission of serving students, student learning and the community
  2. Value the dignity and worth of each individual
  3. Value open communication; an open door philosophy
  4. Value clear roles and responsibilities
  5. Value teamwork—cooperation
  6. Value a positive working relationship based on trust and mutual goals and objectives
  7. High expectations regarding accomplishments
  8. high expectations regarding quality and follow-through
  9. High expectations for continual quality improvement and student service orientation

Overall Success Factors

  • Clear goals and objectives
  • Student orientation
  • Quality programs and services
  • Strong fiscal management
  • Effective decision-making at all levels
  • Cooperative teamwork among all stakeholders
  • Creativity and innovation


President's Goals

  1. Help students achieve their full potential.
    --improve the teaching/learning process, student advising, orientation, and peer relationships; develop innovative methods that respond to different learning styles; and extensive career planning, placement and transfer services.
  2. Serve our community through innovative instruction and community service.
    --improve the quality of programs and services; promote and recognize good teaching and celebrate learning; and adequately
    staff and support learning opportunities and support services.
  3. Attract, develop and retain faculty and staff who exemplify our values.
    --through professional staff development, encourage cross-training
    and personal development; recognize faculty and staff for their
    achievements; and use a team approach to problem solving.
  4. Expand our marketing strategies.
    --seek alternative ways to attract and keep students; measure
    retention efforts; and develop and market programs that have job
    placement and promotion futures.
  5. Improve our facilities and equipment.
    --ensure that student laboratories, equipment, and space are given
    Top priority; keep computer facilities updated with current
    technologies that support educational and administrative functions;
    and ensure that staff have the technical support and equipment to
    do their jobs.
  6. Improve Grossmont College’s relationships with constituents.
    --motivate our constituents to increase support; recognize and
    celebrate our constituents’ support; and create and maintain a
    clear image that emphasizes quality of service.
  7. Prepare for implementation of new Prop R funded facilities.
    --ensure that human, physical and fiscal resources are available
    for the new buildings; involve appropriate constituents
    in the development of the new facilities.
  8. Use our resources wisely and justifiably.