Grossmont College 2001-04 College Strategic Plan Goals
GOAL 1: Grossmont College will support and maintain educational excellence.
GOAL 2: Grossmont College will actively seek, sustain and value a high-quality, diverse staff dedicated to accomplishing the goals of the college.
GOAL 3: Grossmont College will provide high-quality instructional programs and appropriate technologies, support services and staff to achieve educational goals.
GOAL 4: Grossmont College will establish, value and promote a climate that enhances diversity, collaboration, effectiveness, and student success.
GOAL 5: Grossmont College will be a visible, engaged and responsive leader within the wider community.
GOAL 6: Grossmont College will identify and meet internal standards of accountability and will promote external standards of accountability.
GOAL 7: Grossmont College will increase funding, maximize resources and enhance staff understanding of and involvement in all budgeting processes.
GOAL 8: Grossmont College will provide and maintain an environment, including infrastructure, that is safe, functional, attractive, accessible, and ecologically sound.