Collegewide Priorities 2004-2005

The college’s priorities for 2004-05 were identified at the College Planning Retreat in mid-March, 2004, and subsequently refined through the participatory decision-making process of consultation with and input from constituent groups across the campus. The priorities were endorsed by the Planning and Budget Council on May 27, 2004. They are listed alphabetically as they are all seen as important and interdependent in shaping collegewide planning and budgeting for 2004-05.


Establish a collegewide shared-governance process that responds to the new accreditation standards related to student learning outcomes.


Improve the human element of communication throughout Grossmont College.

Facilities and safety

Develop and implement specific plans to minimize the impact on students, staff and programs of the facilities changes at the college, while enhancing security and safety.

Planning and Budget

Coordinate collegewide efforts to identify and pursue additional fiscal resources (within the district allocation formula, at the state level, and in the wider community), and tie all planning documents to the college budget process in order to meet the needs identified in the Educational, Strategic and Facilities Master Plans.


Specify and implement a four-year plan to fill all faculty and classified positions recommended through the planning and budget process, and implement a collegewide staff development plan that is funded at a reasonable level.


Select, train for, and implement the student records information system and student portal, and improve students’ electronic access to information and services.


Maintain Grossmont College’s position as the leading transfer institution in the San Diego region.