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Grossmont College Website Redesign Project


The design for the new website is ready. You can view it at: This design has been modified and improved based on input from the Web Working Group and various faculty and staff members. The "new and improved" web pages for the District and Intranet were rolled out fall 2011.

The District is working with Beacon Technologies and the District-wide Web Working Group, which consists of representatives from District, Cuyamaca College and Grossmont College.  Our next step is to create a plan and timeline for migrating the various pages from the current version of the Grossmont website.


To begin the transition of the Grossmont College Website, Chris Rodgers has been working with Debbi Smith, the District Instructional Technology Design Specialist, to learn the technical aspects of the new Content Management System. Our goal is for Chris to be fully trained on the new system so that he can start working with the various groups to update their sites.


The timing for migrating content will depend on several factors, including an area's efficiency in updating their content and whether they have access to additional staff who can be trained on the technical aspects. Timing for the migration of each department is forthcoming.  This will most likely not occur until Fall 2013 or Spring 2014.  Please remember that regardless of design, the content on your site should be current.


We have created a list of the various Grossmont College webpages and identified individuals we think are responsible for either the content and / or technical updates in those areas. This list has been provided to the Deans for input. This list will help Chris Rodgers train and communicate with these individuals as we move through the migration process.


In the meantime, we would like to recommend that those of you who are responsible for content on any Grossmont College webpage to do the following.

  • Review your existing content for accuracy and update as needed.

  • Identify content that should be deleted.

  • Give thoughtful consideration to any new content additions. Chris Rodgers is available for assistance in terms of organizing your content and Anne Krueger is available in terms of writing copy for the web.

  • Please remember that we are asking you to look at content, as opposed to design.


  Send feedback on this site to the web team