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Most of the information you need (status of your file, required documents, award information, etc.) is available through WebAdvisor.

Please be advised that confidentiality must be protected whether working with a student in person or via the internet.  To assist the college in protecting your right to confidentiality we will only provide general information in our e-mail replies. Specific questions¹ may be answered by phone at (619) 644-7129 when the student’s Social Security Number and College ID number are verified, or in person at the Grossmont College Financial Aid office when a valid picture ID² is provided.

¹ A specific question includes status of a file, required documents, reason for denial, etc.

² A valid picture ID includes (but not limited to) Grossmont-Cuyamaca College ID, high school ID, state ID, military ID or US passport.


NOTE: Due to the increase in applicants and the high volume of processing right before the fall term, it is currently taking advisors up to 3-4 business days to reply.

Loan and Work Study Questions

If you have questions regarding loans and/or work-study at Grossmont College, you can e-mail your question to the Loan/Work Study Specialist.

Scholarship Questions

If you have questions regarding scholarships at Grossmont College, you can e-mail your question to the Scholarship Specialist. 

Ask an Advisor

If you have questions regarding financial aid at Grossmont College, you can e-mail your question to a Financial Aid Advisor.   Financial Aid Advisors are assigned to students based on the first letter of a student's last name.

Using the first letter of your last name, select your advisor:

If your last name begins with A - Bf, your advisor is Julio Soto

If your last name begins with Bg - Hh, your advisor is Brenda Gates

If your last name begins with Hi - O, your advisor is Andre Bin-Walee

If your last name begins with P - S, your advisor is Luma Shamon

If your last name beings with T - Z, your advisor is Selam Gebrekristos


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