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How to submit an online request for Degree/Certificate.

  1. Click on the link below (you will need Adobe Reader ver. 8 or higher)  Get Adobe Reader
  2. Fill the PDF request form
  3. You may use accent marks in your diploma name. Check for allowable accent marks prior to clicking on the online request of Degree/Certificate.
  4. Digitally sign the request (if have not created a digital signature before, see How to too)
  5. Select your Email Client
  6. Desktop Email Application

    Internet Email (recommended)

    Choose this option if you currently use an email application such as Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, or Mail.

    Choose this option if you currently use an Internet email service such as Yahoo or Microsoft Hotmail.

    Submit by clicking on the Submit Form button

    Please note: if you are prompted to save the form, then you do not have Desktop Email application, and you must follow the Internet Email instruction.

             Save the form to your local computer

             Login to your Internet email service

             Send the form as an email attachment to not use for inquires)

    Your will receive an email confirmation. (If you do not receive an email reply acknowledging that we have receive your request within 1 working day, Check your junk/trash folder otherwise most likely your send is not successful, please send again). For inquires please call your Evaluations Advisor) (Please note, we are closed weekends and holidays)
  7. Email subject should be Grossmont Graduation Request.  
  8. An Evaluation for Graduation will be mailed approximately 6-8 weeks after applying or after the term begins for which you applied

Form IconOnline request for Degree/Certificate

Please note that the deadline for Summer 2014 request for Degree/Certificate is July 10,2014 5:00pm.