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Administration of Justice



Welcome to our web site!

The staff and faculty of the Grossmont College Administration of Justice Department welcome you to explore the world of Public Safety Careers!

Mission Statement:
The Grossmont College Administration of Justice Department's mission is to prepare students for a degree and successful career in a criminal justice discipline by providing instruction that emphasizes workforce preparation through character and leadership development, ethical behavior, critical thinking, and community awareness.

We hope to help you accomplish your dream of becoming a Police or Highway Patrol Officer, Deputy Sheriff, Reserve Officer, Forensic Specialist, Dispatcher, Security Professional, Corrections or Probation Officer, Court Administrator, or Federal Agent!

You must pay all tuition immediately or you will be dropped from the course. This may not apply to VA or Financial Aid applicants. Contact your counselor for verification.  If you are dropped, you are not given priority to re-enroll.

SUBJECT: Requests for College Catalog

At this time, Grossmont College is unable to provide you with a complimentary copy of our college catalog due to budget limitations. You may access our catalog via our website,, or you may purchase a college catalog by sending $6.00 (includes library rate postage) OR $8.00 (priority mail, 2 day delivery) to the following address:

College Cashier’s Office
Grossmont College
8800 Grossmont College Drive
El Cajon, CA 92020-1799

Thank you

Students should be aware that prior felony convictions and misdemeanor domestic violence convictions are disqualifying for employment in public safety. Prior substance abuse and other disqualifiers may apply in specific positions related to law enforcement or forensics.


Registration begins Nov. 17, 2014 for
 Spring 2015 semester.

Important information about registration changes.

Based on recommendations from the Board of Governors Student Success Task Force report, the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District has revised its enrollment priorities procedures, to promote student access, success, and equity.


Please visit the Admissions & Records site for more information on priority registration.

*New students are encouraged to participate in matriculation services (assessment, orientation, and advising) early in order to be eligible for enrollment priority. Please visit the Counseling Department for more information.

Petition to Change Priority Registration Status For

Continuing Students

For students who fall in the following criteria:
  • Student is within his/her final two (2) semesters of degree, certificate and/or transfer completion
  • Student is clearly following a defined educational objective
  • Student has over 90 degree applicable units within the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District
  • Changing your registration priority is granted for a maximum of two semesters, regardless of goal/major change.
  • Incomplete requests are not processed, therefore denied.
NOTE: If you are a Veteran that has been discharged within 4 years, a current or former foster youth under the age of 24, a student enrolled in the EOPS program or a student receiving services through DSPS, you do not need to complete this petition. Petitions are reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is no guarantee that your petition will be reviewed in time for the semester requested.

Petition Dates

Students may petition for the following semesters during the petition period.
  • See Admissions & Records for petition period.

    Always check Admissions and Records for up-to-date information.









Grossmont College, AOJ
8800 Grossmont College Dr.
El Cajon, CA 92020


Coordinator: Tina Young





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